Saturday, July 31, 2010

Uluwatu, Bali

Nikon D300 f/8 ISO 200 c. May 2009
At what point is creativity for the photographer when the scene easily and majestically presents itself without requiring much thought to the intricacies of taking the picture? Should one thank the photographer or to nature in this sense? Should we just thank the photographer for his capability to bring the photo to the table while we thank nature for being what it is? I think that is what it should be. It would just be commonsense, after all. Should the captured image be as close to reality as possible? Or it is left to the judgement of the audience regardless of whether it is close to reality or not? Is then, the concept of beauty a shared perception? If it is, an image which has been doctored and rendered in a way that the photographer thinks as beautiful may not be considered as such, if beauty is only a collective perception. If that is the case, the concept of beauty is flawed, based on limited perception. If limited, then all judges of photography are also limited in their perception. If beauty is limited, it is therefore weak, like all other concepts Posted by Picasa

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