Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bali sunset

Nikon D200 f/22 ISO 200 c. April 2007
One thing that I have noticed. Although we have a 180 degree field of vision, we do have a limitation in vision. Sharpness is only available within say, 90 degrees at the zone of interest. Outside the zone of interest, is the blurriness or the bokeh. We would need to turn our heads in order to scan the whole scenery. The camera, on the other hand, attempts to take in everything sharp at 180 degrees and since all images are portrayed within a 90 degrees field of vision (when we are close enough to them), we are able to see everything at the same time.   Anyway, my postings are all big enough to be used as  PC/Mac wallpapers. Just right click on image and select "Use image as Desktop wallpaper". :-)
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