Saturday, January 31, 2015

View from the boys' window, Canary Whart, London

Nikon D4s c. December 2014

At Fraser's Place, the kids got the room which, with its big glass window, overlooked the wharf. It was nice to actually lie on their bed and lazily watch the wharf. I was vocally  jealous. They were nonchalant and reverted back to their iPhones. They in turn were excited about looking into very small windows with small texts which to them, defined their existence. The outside world seemed only incidental, of no consequence, nothing to shout about, nothing to embrace. Pity. There are only three worlds to them, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Their parents' bedroom faced a wall with a balcony which only provided a view of buildings. When I looked at the wife, complaining of the scenery I was provided with, she was already in her Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. It is lonely to be in the external world.