Thursday, February 12, 2015

M1, Leicester

Nikon D4s c. December 2014

"Do you know the speed limit on the highway?" asked the policeman clad in a yellow fluorescent jacket  as he peered through the passenger window at us. 
"80?" I ventured to answer. 
"You were speeding over the limit. You were going 90, well over the limit of 70. The regular roads have a speed limit of 50," he said,"and your destination?"
"We are on the way to Inverness," I said. 
"That's many hours of driving to look forward to. By right, your car can be impounded and you may have to spend the night in the cell," said the policeman. He paused. "You don't look at all concerned," he continued and reminded us of the need to observe the laws of UK as we should observe in our own country.
"Of course, we are! We are concerned!" I stressed. The fact that we were stopped by the police for speeding was harrowing enough but we had maintained our calmness.
"I will let you go this time. Follow me from behind and maintain at 70. It's winter and the roads are slippery with ice," he said. 
"Thank you, sir!" I said with some relief. Phew...