Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The ravine, Gunung Kawi, Bali

Nikon D200 c. 2007
I had wanted to go down to the river below to take some shots of the water but thought more than twice on doing it. The stony steps were covered with moss, which would make my descent treacherous and with one hand holding a heavy tripod, I could slip and fall and hit the rocks below. The crowd of tourists had left, my wife was already walking, leaving me alone. So, I did what I could and took this shot instead.
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  1. first i thought that it was a painting..
    tapi bila tgk semula, this is real.
    the rock there, macam titik tengah, like mucleus of all the pic. n the pencahayaan pada sebelah kiri dan kanan, menyerlahkan lagi kehijaun daun. denai juga nampak terang, hijau yang terang. air yang mengalir tu menambahkan lagi ia seperti dalam painting.

  2. Thanks Hasrey for sharing your thoughts on this. It will help improve on my photography.