Saturday, June 19, 2010

By the river, Janda Baik

Nikon D300 20mm c. December 2009
I met a person who was shown my blog the other day and she immediately showed me the blogs of other photographers. I have seen good photos from good photographers, and there seems no end to the supply of good photographers. If I am to compare myself against other photographers, if I am to allow myself to think that all other images taken by other photographers are good, then there is no need to undertake anything at all. It will be overwhelming. I have this philosophy in mind which I will always remind myself with, that there will always be someone better. It is the passion that drives my photography, not the feeling that I must be as good as the others. It is the passion of fishing that drives a person to wait for hours on end just to catch a small fish. I doubt if Ansell Adams compare himself with other photographers. The passion is in the action and believing that one day, I will have arrived. Perhaps I have arrived, but that does not matter at all. There is always the uniqueness of images due to the opportunities, the assignments, the localities, the colours and textures and the angles. I take images and I churn them out as I perceive how they should become. Photography is always dynamic, given the existence of determining factors, the possibility of learning and adapting is almost endless.
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