Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bang Tho beach, Phuket

Nikon D300 f/7.1 ISO 400 c. May 2012
I am drawn towards shadows and silhouttes, where mankind is just depicted as silent and motionless forms although they are still necessary as props to complete the scene. Many years ago, I used to bowl without the necessary education to do it. I just bowled and I made good scores. While playing, one of the trainers spotted me and thought that I had the potential. So, he came about and willingly gave me the necessary education to bowl. After that, my bowling never recovered to its past scores. I think it is the same with photography. I have read too much on the techniques that I forgot the satisfaction that should come from it. This trip is about that, relinquishing what I have learned but to capture scenes to my own satisfaction, without needing to refer to experts' advice. I have my satisfaction back and not only that, I have regained my communication with the scene before me. It is not about pressing the trigger that is important, but it is about feeling through it that is fundamental. 
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