Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hari Raya 02 - Father and mother

Nikon D4s c. June 2017

Thank God they are always around, to advise, to assist, to admonish and to care. Hard Raya is a day to ask for forgiveness from them. It is customary, done once a year although it should be done almost everyday. With them, emotionally sad stories are shared. With them, expectations and hopes are told. They do not need all these, though. They deserve a nice quiet life but they are there to listen to the pains of life's challenges and they assist in any way they can. While they used to pass judgements, they only listen and talk. Their children are no longer young and they understand the circumstances that life throws at them. They rejoice at the good things and are saddened by the bad ones. But they hold hope the most while everyone else has seemed to lose his grip on it. They call once in a while, asking how things are. Cannot hide from them the bitter things for they will soon know. They call to provide support. And that is important. It is very important. Somehow, the fruit does not want to let itself go from the tree. The ground is too far away to drop to. It is better to hang on while the branch is still there.

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