Friday, July 14, 2017

The usual thought about Holland

Nikon D4s c. December 2014

For years I struggled with this issue of posting images that are too overdone in editing. Most images never saw a second assessment because of this. And then yesterday, I realise I should not have any compulsion to impress. After all, I am not a professional photographer who makes a living from photography. I do not have any audience for feedback. This blog is for my own pleasure actually and I will be wrong to assume differently. I should not be apologetic in any way. It is my own way of expressing, in photography. At most times, the images serve to feed and strengthen my memories. The actual scenery was drab, with low contrast from the overcast sky and the cold breeze was toying around with the tall grass in the foreground. That tall tuft of grass should not have been there because it gave the impression that it was the main item. But I could not avoid it as I wanted the fence to border and lead the view to the distant windmills. I wanted the wooden fence to feature prominently instead because I liked the colour of the moss on the wood. In any way, it is not a good picture but I am posting it anyway. 

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